No more meaningless conversations with new Hotline dating app

Hotline Dating app

One thing that is certain among dating apps is the lack of sincerity and communication among its users. There’s always that evasive feeling between two people who wants to connect with one another but doesn’t want to get attached. That’s pretty ironic when a person is using a dating app but doesn’t want to date the person that was a match for them.

Fortunately, these dating-app woes are about to be gone. Hotline, a new dating app that requires a phone call with a match before any information is shared. These might be a bad thing for those who wants discretion, the introverts, or simply those who suck at communicating but it also has its pros.

First, the Hotline dating app will solve the meaningless small talks between matched users. It’ll allow them to listen to one another via a five-minute call. The call will be through the app, no numbers shown or anything.

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Second, Hotline will allow the users to see if the one on the other end is interested in them or interesting enough for them to pursue, saving them from wasting time with one another. Most calls in the app last longer than the required five minutes, usually between twenty five up to forty minutes.

Hotline dating app founder Sam Ballantyne shared the inspiration behind his own idea. He told CNNTech about his experience on Tinder where he matched with a lady insisting that he will only receive a message from her if he calls. Thankfully, the call was a great conversation starter for the two of them.

The Hotline dating app might not be for those that has a hard time communicating but for those who are looking to find someone who they might share and spend their time with, Hotline is for you. For only $9 a month, Hotline’s dating service can be accessed. As of today, the app is only available for iOS and New York.

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