Michael V suspects he got COVID-19 from ‘online deliveries’


Can delivered parcels and packages spread COVID-19? Michael V thinks that’s how he perhaps contracted the disease.

Per his YouTube vlog, the popular comedian shared his thoughts on how he got infected. After eliminating the possibility of catching it from family members and persons he was recently in proximity with, he then brought up a potential source: deliveries.

He recalled there might have been goods he received from online deliveries that, in his excitement, he forgot to sanitize and sterilize before setting up and using them in his vlogging studio.

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Michael V advised his viewers to be cautious, that the new standard procedure for everyone is to wear a face mask when opening delivered boxes and packages, and to wash hands before and after handling deliveries.

Michael V announced on July 20 that he tested positive for COVID-19. Fortunately, he is currently on the road to recovery.

Source: GMA News

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