Microsoft announced that it would finally retire the Internet Explorer — once the most popular web browser in the world.

The company announced that they plan to retire the Internet Explorer 11 — the browser’s latest version — by June 15, 2022. This is after Microsoft ended support for the said browser last November 2020.

This will make Microsoft Edge as the primary web browser offering from the company.

For companies and entities that rely on apps that only work on Internet Explorer, the company has included an Internet Explorer compatibility mode to the Edge browser.

Even before Microsoft Edge came out in 2015, it’s pretty clear that the once loved Internet Explorer has lost its popularity and even became a subject to many memes.

What used to be a prominent browser failed to keep up with newcomers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Brave.

In fact, the only people who use Internet Explorer are those who need to run proprietary apps that would only work on the browser’s code. Hence the introduction of the special compatibility mode on Edge.

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