Microsoft just released a new artificial intelligence (AI) technology called Vall-E, which can copy a person’s voice even with just 3-second audio.

The Microsoft Vall-E utilizes deep learning algorithms to help analyze and reproduce the idiosyncrasies of a human’s voice which include accent, pitch, and even speaking style.


As you might expect, once it learned how a person talks, it can now use it to say other phrases, sentences, etc. What’s more impressive is, it was able to do it in just a matter of seconds.

Voice Clone is expected to be beneficial in the speech synthesis area. For one, it could make movies, commercials, or any video production much easier as it can create natural-sounding voiceovers. It can also be used to make impersonations of famous people more convincing.

Other than in the entertainment sector, developers can also use it for things like personalized virtual assistants.

The technology can also be used in the health sector, especially in speech pathology to help people in rehabilitation that are suffering from speech impairment.

Microsoft’s Voice Clone technology is available on its Azure cloud platform, which means it can be easily accessed by other companies and developers for their own experiments.

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