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In a memo posted on their blog, media service provider Netflix has announced that it has made several films and documentaries available for free streaming in its YouTube channel.

Over the past years, Netflix has been permitting educators to screen educational shows and series in classrooms. However, the current restriction on most activities around the world caused by the pandemic has disrupted learning in schools. Thus, the company granted the teachers’ requests to give students free access to their educational documentaries without the need for a Netflix account especially because not all students and families afford it.

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Here’s the list of the available films and series from Netflix to Youtube:

Movies and Short Films

  • 13th
  • Chasing Coral
  • Knock Down the House
  • Period. End of Sentence.
  • The White Helmets
  • Zion

TV Series

  • Abstract
  • Babies
  • Explained
  • Our Planet

Each of these titles comes with educational resources which can be found in Netflix’s blog. Currently, these films and documentaries are available only in the English language but the company assures that numerous other languages will be made available by the end of the week.

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