Nokia has been playing catch up on the smartphone game for a while now but as they struggle on pulling success towards their Lumia Series, they continue to dominate the low-end feature phone type of devices. They now have another couple of cute-looking Asha dubbed as the Nokia Asha 205 and

The Nokia Asha 205 and Nokia 206 will both have dual-SIM brothers. The Easy SWAP technology, which was found on Nokia Asha 200 and 305, will be the one installed so a user can seamlessly switch one SIM card to another. Of course, the only notable factor about these variants is the battery life since keeping two networks up will drain the battery faster.

Nokia 206 and Nokia Asha 205 Features and Specs

Although these two were newly announced, there aren’t that much to get excited with in terms of their set of features. The usual QWERTY keyboard is still there to help compose text and tweets faster to send them immediately while your out.

As always, the popular social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter are already pre-installed in both of them. The internal storage of these mobile phones are on par on their other siblings which means it only has 10MB of built-in memory. Don’t worry though as they can take as much as 32GB of microSD card if ever you want to take all of your photos, music, and videos with you.

The Nokia 206 has a 1.3-megapixel camera which then resizes the taken photos to 700kb for easier management and faster uploading. Other standard connections such as Bluetooth and GPRS/EDGE are also present but Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity were a no show.

Slam and Share

Fortunately, there is something new to look forward to but it’s not groundbreaking in any sense. It’s called the Slam and Share.

So how do this Slam and Share work? It’s easy. It can connect and send a file to another device (be it a Nokia phone or not) even without pairing them. Moreover, you can simply take a photo and “slam” it directly to a nearby bluetooth enabled gadget.

Check out the official introduction video of the Nokia 206 and Nokia Asha 205!

Nokia Asha 205 and Nokia 206 Price in the Philippines

There are still no concrete information on their prices but it is said to cost around $62 which translates to roughly Php2,500. We’ll update this post when the official pricing is revealed and if these mobile cutie phones will reach the Philippines.

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