Nokia Phones Price List Philippines

This is another list I compiled regarding the latest Nokia phones prices in the Philippines as of 2013. The said list will contain all the phones that is official distributed by Nokia as of now but I might as well include some other paced out phones because a lot of people still look for it. As we all know, paced out doesn’t equate to unavailability. There are a lot of other phone retail outlets out there who still have stocks of the older phones.


As always, this price list doesn’t intend to give 100% exact prices as different stores or dealers have different pricing strategy. However, I made sure that the ones listed below is really close to the actual price. Alright, check out the prices below.


Nokia 1280
  • Php950

Nokia 100

  • Php1,200

Nokia 101

  • Php1,400

Nokia X1-01

  • Php1,800
Nokia 110
  • Php2,200
Nokia C1-01
  • Php2,250
Nokia C2-00
  • Php2,500

Nokia Asha 200

  • Php3,400
Nokia Asha 202
  • Php3,500
Nokia C2-01
  • Php3,500
Nokia C2-03
  • Php3,700
  • Php3,900
Nokia Asha 300
  • Php4,700
Nokia C5-06
  • Php4,800

Nokia Asha 302

  • Php5,200

Nokia Asha 303

  • Php5,900

Nokia X3-02

  • Php6,500

Nokia 500

  • Php7,300

Nokia 700

  • Php10,990
  • Php10,990

Nokia E6-00

  • Php13,000
Nokia Lumia 710
  • Php13,950

Nokia 701

  • Php14,500

Nokia N8-00

  • Php14,500

Nokia N9-00

  • Php22,000
Nokia Lumia 800
  • Php23,500
Nokia 808 Pureview
  • Php26,600
  • Php27,990

UPDATE as of May 2013

Nokia Lumia 520 

  • Php7,990

Nokia Lumia 620 (Read more about this smartphone)

  • Php11,600

Nokia Lumia 720 (Read more about this Lumia)

  •  Php14,590

Nokia Lumia 820

  • Php18,990

Nokia Lumia 920

  • Php26,990
** I will keep this post updated from time to time to inform you about the latest prices of Nokia. Therefore, be sure to check this out often.

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