Tech company OPPO has teased some of the highlight events that will happen on its INNO Day 2021.

The OPPO INNO Day 2021, which will happen from December 14 to 15, will be the stage for a couple of announcements from the brand.



For starters, OPPO said that they will reveal their first Neural Processing Unit (NPU) at the said event. Plus, the introduction of their latest smart glasses. These products, as well as “several other technological breakthroughs”, will be unwrapped on INNO Day 2021.

Tony Chen, OPPO’s founder and CEO, will also make an appearance to deliver a keynote speech detailing its updated corporate strategies and new directions in R&D.


The INNO Day 2021 will surely bring a couple of exciting announcements from OPPO. At last year’s event, OPPO introduced its AR Glass 2021 and rollable phone. Dubbed as the OPPO X 2021, its regular smartphone-like 6.7-inch screen looks like it stretches to form a tablet-like 7.4-inch display.

Hopefully, we’ll see these latest technologies in market-ready products soon.

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