Filipino engineers who came under the tutelage of the British and Japanese in space will be making good use of their acquired knowledge as they will soon teach the same to people in other countries.

Intending to educate on the best practices in space tech, the Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA) rolled out the Space Infrastructure, Know-How, and Applications Acceleration through Promotion and Training (SIKAP+).

In support of the project is the European Union, which provided a grant worth 149,356 Euro (Php8.3 million) via the Asi@Connect project handled by Korea’s TEIN*CC.

While the Asi@Connect project’s goal is “to connect the world through the internet,” SIKAP+, on the other hand, is targeted toward teaching other countries about the space industry.


In particular, on “how to control a satellite, how to process data from it, how to establish amateur ground receiving stations to be used in communication,” per Chief Science Research Specialist, PhilSA’s Space Mission Control and Operations Division, Sheilo Muta.

But by bringing the best practices into the fold, which includes the sharing of data, space operations-related facilities, software, space data processing, and situational awareness, the Philippines will be supported by other nations that have relevant experience in the field.

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