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Samsung partnered up with Disney to release a special Pirates of the Caribbean Galaxy S8 edition. This isn’t the first time that Samsung is riding the fame of a smashing movie.

A few years ago, the brand did the same thing with the Galaxy S6 Iron Man Edition. And just last year, they also came up with a sleek Batman Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition.

Instead of opting for a superhero movie, Samsung went with Captain Jack Sparrow for the Galaxy S8. Johnny Depp’s character might not have any super powers, but it sure did capture a lot of attention. The Pirate’s of the Carribean series was a huge blockbuster success that Disney invested $230 million for its production.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Pirates of the Caribbean edition

So, what do you actually get in a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed Galaxy S8? Well, not much.

The device will come in a fancy booty chest, which houses the standard Galaxy S8 box, a special ring holder, and a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed case. But other than the special-looking case and UI theme, this one still looks like a standard all-black Galaxy S8 device. I wish Samsung went a little further like when they added a gold-plated Batman logo on the Galaxy S7 edge special edition.

Samsung releases a Pirates of the Caribbean edition of the Galaxy S8, comes with a booty chest

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Pirates of the Caribbean Edition will also be only available in 4GB RAM + 64GB internal storage variant on JD.com. It has a whopping retail price of CNY5988 (around ~Php43,400).

With what you’re getting for such price premium, this thing clearly isn’t meant for everybody. But if you’re an avid fan or collector, then that fancy booty chest might look good in your glass shelve.

Source: JD.com Via: Engadget

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