PLDT CEO Manny Pangilinan, in a statement, says that its competitors are pulling down the Philippines’ ranking in global internet performance.

During the telco giant’s first-quarter performance briefing, Pangilinan said that PLDT and Smart Communication still dominate the local scene in terms of internet coverage, speed, video experience, and customer experience. A recent report from research firm OpenSignal backs this up.

The CEO then added the statement below:

“We’d be much better. I think our numbers are being pulled down by competitors,”

Pangilinan also said that, if PLDT is the sole telco in the market, the Philippines’ ranking will be 15 places higher.

As of March 2021, internet speed testing firm Ookla said that the Philippines is in the 81st and 86th place in fixed broadband and mobile data rankings, respectively.

PLDT said that we could have been in the 66th and 71st spot, respectively, if they are the only service provider in the country.

Globe Telecom CEO Ernest Cu responded by cautioning MVP of making such claims. You can learn more about Cu’s statement here.

Via: Rappler

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