Converge ICT CEO Dennis Anthony Uy has something to say after the recent PLDT-Globe CEO exchange of views on the Philippines’ internet situation.

A few days ago, PLDT’s Manny Pangilinan said that competitors are pulling down the Philippines‘ internet global ranking. Globe’s Ernest Cu then responded by cautioning Pangilinan on making such statements.

As per Converge ICT CEO Dennis Anthony Uy, their company uses fiber optic technology that offers faster internet connectivity than the two giants.

As per Uy, other providers use DSL technology. A network that uses a copper telephone line that’s “100 times slower than fiber optic cable”.

The CEO also boasted that their starting plan already offers 35Mbps of speed, while the competition has a base plan of 5Mbps.

As you know, Converge’s main focus is the home broadband market as it aims to cater to 55% of Filipino households by 2025.

The company also expressed how unstable, slower, and more expensive wireless networks in the Philippines are compared to fiber broadband. Compared to wireless, fiber has a more consistent and faster speed, without data caps.

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As per speed test rankings, Uy has made this statement:

“Speed tests only represent a small sample size, using defined parameters set by an organization. Across the fixed broadband sector, most customers are subscribed to the lowest, entry level plans. Thus, it’s important to show speedtest results that consistently reflect what the majority of subscribers signs up for and not a minority of high-end users may experience,”

The Converge ICT CEO added that:

“In our case, Converge already offers a higher speed entry level plan at 35 Mbps and we’re proud to be able to reliably deliver to our subscribers a digital experience close to the maximum speeds of their subscription plans, through fiber technology,”

Via: ABS-CBN News

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  1. Hope that Converge will reach area like in East Homes-2–Subduvision, Brgy. Estefania, Bacolod City. This area always always behind because it is situated inner part from main road. Globe is still on their turtle expansion program. Until now this area has not been prioritize and monopolized by this giant telco. Hopefully ifyou reach Bacolod City, you will give a glimpsebin this area.