In an announcement made last Monday, it’s been revealed that loyal Globe at Home subscribers will get up to 5x of permanent speed boost.

“Loyal users” can check if they are eligible for the free Globe at Home upgrade through the app. The app will allow users to self-activate the upgrade while at home, with no need to go out physically to a Globe branch.

As per Darius Delgado, Globe VP and head of broadband business, they were able to come up with the idea for the free upgrade after the new normal allowed them to understand their customers’ needs.

However, bear in mind that the upgrade is only available to “loyal” customers and is subject to terms and conditions.


There’s no denying that Filipino households’ need for a faster and more reliable internet connection has spiked due to the new normal. This is why both the telcos and the government have initiated many projects to help improve the internet situation in the country.

For one, the Philippine government has made it easier for telcos to acquire permits when building common towers.

The telco investments in the country is also among the highest in the world.

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