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Do you have butterfingers? Fell victim to a snatcher? Or just an overall paranoid? — Hava peace of mind with Power Mac Center’s new Protect Plus.

Power Mac Center teamed up with the Insurance Company of North America to come up with the Protect Plus. It is an insurance plan that you can get together with your new Apple device.

The Power Mac Center Protect Plus adds an extra layer to Apple’s standard warranty guarantee. The new product will cover damages attained from water submersion or even accidental drops. The insurance also covers the owner itself, in case of any mishaps caused by the device (i.e robbery and theft).

Power Mac Center Protect Plus benefits

  • Accidental Damage Benefit –  Diagnostic and repair costs are shouldered. If unrepairable, the product is subject to free replacement. Additional participation fee required: 20% of the original SRP of the product.
  • Accidental Death Benefit – Owner’s beneficiaries are subject to Php100,000 compensation in case of death caused by theft or robbery involving the product.
  • Accidental Medical Expense Benefit – In a case of a theft or robbery accident by which the product is involved, the owner is subject to medical treatment reimbursement by up to Php5,000 per incident.

You can avail the Product Plus insurance by adding an additional 12% from the retail price of the Apple product you wish to purchase.

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