Remember that non-expiring text promo Globe used to offer? Well there’s a new bill, the Prepaid Load Protection Act of 2014, trying to eliminate expiration dates from prepaid loads.

Depending on the amount added, every prepaid user today must use their load for texts, calls, or promos within a validity period lest the balance disappears without a trace. Accounts topped up with less than Php100 usually have a month (or less) to consume said amount, while loading more than Php300 usually comes with a 120-day validity period.

But with the Prepaid Load Protection Act of 2014 (a.k.a the House Bill No. 4782), telecoms are no longer allowed to set any expiration dates for prepaid load. That means mobile users on prepaid subscriptions (which reportedly make up 80 percent of the whole mobile population in the country) get to keep their load indefinitely and only consume it as they see fit.

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If the House Bill No. 4782 passes, consumers will also be able to request for a refund for “nakaw load” or when their load disappears without any valid cause.

The bill was recently filed by Las Piñas Representative Mark Villar. He reckoned every Filipino citizen ought to have protection as consumers and should be able to get the most value for their money.

[Source: Manila Bulletin]

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  1. finally some useful laws out there I hope this law gets passed, I also was one of the victim of “nakaw load”