Every piso text we sent since December 2011 should have been Php0.80, and those extra 20 cents we paid per SMS since then must be refunded, according to the National Telecommunications Commission.

The NTC issued Memorandum Circular 02-10-2011, also known as the “Interconnection Charge for SMS”, in December 2011 to lower the rates of SMS. Instead of following, telcos Globe, Smart, and Digitel appealed in December 2012 to reverse the order, but NTC recently denied their request. The commission explained that it found “no cogent or compelling reason to disturb its previous order which clearly explained the basis for this ruling.”

The order revolves around inter-network and regular text messages. Promos, such as unlimited texts, are not affected by it. Nevertheless, the longer the telcos ignore the NTC order, the more money they are expected to lose on fines and refunding customers.

In the meantime, the telecoms claim that they’ve yet to receive an official copy of the resolution. They will only release their official statement after evaluating the order.

[Source: GMA News]
[Image Source: Flickr]

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