Qualcomm is back in its game and, once again, aims to prove to the world that it’s the king of fast charging with the introduction of the Quick Charging 5.0 technology.

The current Quick Charge 4.0 technology may be fast enough for modern standards, but this notion will soon be replaced with the vastly superior Quick Charge 5.0. It offers 100W of charging capability while simultaneously ensuring that the battery is 10 degree Celsius cooler, in addition to being 70% more efficient than QC 4.0.

To prove the new charging technology’s capability, Qualcomm exemplifies the charging of a 4,500 mAh battery, which it claims to be somewhere between 0% to 50% charged in just 5 minutes; but guarantees getting to full in 15 minutes.


The example given, however, is under the condition that it’s a case of dual charging solution whereby a 4,500 mAh battery is split into two

The same notion also applies for batteries with triple charging solution.

Not only is this latest charging technology more efficient in its purpose, it is also relatively safer, too, owing to its multiple layers of security.

Qualcomm anticipates the rollout of Quick Charge 5.0 on smart devices sometime in Q3 2020, although a select kind of devices only would be able to tap its full potential.

A few weeks ago, OPPO and Vivo also announced their ultra fast charging technologies.

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