Remember the clips released by the company president, Lu We Bing, of himself abusing the recently released Redmi Note 7?

That’s right, the smartphone was subjected to getting smashed by fruits, to being used as a chopping board, to being run over by roller skates, and revealed that its screen was able to withstand all of that.

However, the actual durability test was performed by Zack Nelson, the guy behind the notorious JerryRigEverything of Youtube, where the Note 7 underwent a series of ‘tests’. There was the bend test where the phone’s weak areas on the plastic frame (around the power key and the SIM tray) deemed the LCD useless.

The back of the device, which is protected by a Gorilla Glass 5 with an extra layer, was shattered and cracked in pieces after pushing the phone further. He claims that the overall problem with the phone was its frame and structure.


He also did a screen test where he lit an open flame (using a lighter) towards the 6.3-inch display which created a black spot after being subjected by 9 seconds, but it soon reverts back to normal as if no harm was done. Steel razor raised on the back panel and fingerprint scanner left no damage.

Lastly, a scratch test was also executed where the marks made its imprint at level 6, and developed deeper groves at level 7.


It looks like we really can’t have it all. It may not be the most durable smartphone around, but the fact that it offers a really impressive value for the price — thanks to its feature-packed specs list — still makes it a great smartphone overall.

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