Do you love writing notes? Doodling? Or want your kids to express their creativity without wasting paper? Check out Xiaomi’s latest product, the Redmi Writing Pad.

Don’t get too excited, though, as the Redmi Writing Pad is not a proper Android tablet. As the name suggests, it’s only meant to be written are drawn at. No powerful processor to handle complex tasks like games, watching videos, and whatnot.


That said, the device has an 8.5-inch LCD screen. It doesn’t emit light as it only mimics an actual ink on paper. But, this also means that it’s safe for kids as it doesn’t provide eye fatigue even after being used for a long time.

However, it is built on ABS material, so you might want to ask your kids to take extra care of it.


To use the screen, the Writing Pad comes with a pressure-sensitive stylus. You can easily take it out and tuck it in right within the device for ease of use.

The stylus also offers different stroke sizes so users can do different shades.


As stated earlier, it is not a real tablet. As you can see, it only has a single button on the screen. It’s in bright orange and its only task is to clear the display. The other mode of control is the switch on the side, which lets you lock the screen to keep anything from being deleted.

Since it lacks any smart feature, you can’t save anything you write on it. Once you press that orange button, it’s gone. Also, it only uses a CR2016 button cell battery, which is easily replaceable. As per the company, a single battery is enough for you to write up to 20,000 pages.



The Redmi Writing Pad is only available in black and is now sold in India for a price of INR599 (around Php400).

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