Report: Galaxy S8 iris scanner bypassed using an IR image and contact lens

Probably the only major design flaw that the Galaxy S8 has is the placement of its fingerprint scanner. To favor its Infinity Display, Samsung was forced to place the sensor next to the camera at the back. They could have placed the scanner at a more ergonomic location, but Samsung prioritized the aesthetics and situated the fingerprint scanner at an uncomfortable location.

But to compensate, Samsung added other security features as an alternative. The Galaxy S8 brags facial recognition and an iris scanner for the users to utilize in lieu of the fingerprint scanner. However, a lot of people despised the two as it requires them to put the smartphone up in their face.

What makes things worse is, they can easily be bypassed. Previous reports say that you can easily fool the facial recognition feature using a photograph. And just now, a german hacker named Jan Krissler a.k.a Starbug was able to beat the iris scanner with only a basic point-and-shoot camera and a contact lens.

The video above shows how simple Starbug was able to hack the iris scanner. He took a picture using a basic camera set to night mode. The german hacker then used a basic laser printer to print the image.

Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner hacked

Starbug placed a contact lens on the image so it would look like a real human eye. And, voila! He was able to unlock the incredibly premium and expensive Galaxy S8.

What Starbug did is just a gentle reminder that nothing is really safe in the digital age, especially for a really determined culprit.

Source: CCC Via: Gizmodo

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