Samsung’s latest flagship phone, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, was just announced yesterday and Samsung customers can’t contain their happiness. With all the latest features and improvement, the S8 series is sure worth the splurge.

One of its amazing feat is its facial recognition and iris scanning, features that not all smartphones possess. Imagine the ease of just facing your phone’s camera and sensor and unlocking it without the need to type or press any button – a sure hit for all tech lovers and private people. Who else could unlock a phone that only recognizes the face of its owner, right? Wrong!

There’s always a curious mind out there willing to question even the most trifling ideas. This curious mind (and his ingenious idea) proved that this facial recognition isn’t as secure as it seems to be. It didn’t take much effort for him to bypass the Samsung Galaxy S8’s facial recognition by using a photo. That’s right, a photo of the phone’s owner. Watch the video below.

A simple wave of the photograph was enough to unlock the device. No need for a mask, just a simple and well-lit photo of the owner would suffice.

However, let us take into consideration the possibility that it was unlocked because the photo used was taken the same way a face would appear in front of the sensor. Maybe it wouldn’t work if the face isn’t entirely shown or if the lighting was not as bright. Regardless of the answer, Samsung should work on fixing this flaw. It’s not easy to ignore the fact that the facial recognition feature can be fooled that easily. The Galaxy S8 smartphones aren’t released yet, so fans can still hope for a quick fix to this loophole.

Source: Redmondpie

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