While most people rely on online streaming and cloud services like Spotify, Netflix, Google Photos, there are still some who want to keep all of their media saved locally on their smartphones. And if you’re one of them, then you might want to check out Samsung’s latest 512GB microSD card.

The new Samsung EVO plus 512GB microSD card can store your entire music library, TV shows, and your photos and videos right in your device, so you don’t need to waste your internet bandwidth on fetching them online.

This tiny storage solution has read and write speeds of up to 100MBps. By which, as per Samsung, can transfer a 3GB 4K file in less than 40 seconds.


To give more perspective, this 512GB microSD card can accommodate 150,300 pictures and up to 78 hours of 1080p videos. So if you use your smartphone as your primary camera, then you can surely appreciate this one.

Probably the only problem here is the practicality. This thing has a jaw-dropping price of EUR289.90, which is at around Php17,000 when directly converted to Philippine pesos. You can already get a decent midrange smartphone for that price.


Also, going with a smartphone with a built-in 512GB storage feels like a more ideal route. For example, the newly announced ASUS ROG Phone starts at Php49,995 for the 128GB model, while jumping to the 512GB will only cost you an extra ~Php12,000.

But I guess Samsung is basing their pricing from their own devices. The 128GB Galaxy Note 9 retails for Php55,990, which will then spike to Php75,990 when you get the 512GB model. That’s a Php20,000 price difference, making the Samsung Evo Plus 512GB microSD card seem like a more ideal option.

Samsung hasn’t provided us with an official launch date yet. Although it’s now available for pre-order through their German website.

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