Drawing from a medical condition that sees Samsung’s Lee Kun-hee in a hospital for six years, the company executive has died today at the age of 78.

Samsung did not disclose the exact cause of death. However, back in 2014, Lee Kun-hee was reportedly incapacitated after encountering a serious heart attack.

The company credits Kun-hee for bringing the giant South Korean company to the world stage as a tech company after taking on the helm of his role back in 1987 after his father’s demise.


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Samsung, at the time, was merely producing cheap television and microwave products until subsequently growing to become one of its home nation’s pillars for the growing economy.

Known for its world-class products, Samsung is among the globe’s top corporate spenders when it comes to research and development, consequently leading in the technology industry.

Prior to his passing, Lee Kun-hee was South Korea’s richest person.


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