Samsung’s upcoming flagship device, the Galaxy Note 10, is now up for VIP pre-order in the Philippines.

This is weeks before the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 gets officially revealed on August 7, 2019. However, it appears that this offer is available to Samsung’s VIP, a.k.a “targeted customers”. The chosen ones will get notified via an email with a special 4-digit PIN that will give them access to the VIP pre-order site.

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But since the device is not official yet, the customers will not see what configuration or kind of the device that they will be putting their money on. Also, the final suggested price is concealed.

Instead, they will be choosing between three different options with their own special freebies. Just like what they did on the Galaxy S10.

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It starts with the option 1, which could be the top-of-the-line Galaxy Note 10. Those who will pre-order this device will get a special gift that’s valued at around Php29,999 (possibly a smart TV).

For option B, customers can choose between two undisclosed special gifts, or a store token worth Php4,000. While for option C, you can pick between a special gift, or Php3,000 worth of store token.

But weather which between the three you choose, you’d still be getting a free “wireless combo charge” that’s worth Php2,799.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 VIP pre-order will run until August 4. Users then have to pay Php2,000 downpayment to secure their reserved unit.

Right after the Unpacked event on August 7, those who reserved their unit will receive another email that will finally give them more information about the device, and the final price that they’d be paying upon pick-up.

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