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The excitement for Samsung’s new flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, is in full bloom. Now, the much-anticipated phone has a release date.

The launching venue for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York and will happen, as per a lot of trusted industry sources, on August 7, 2019.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 | NoypiGeeks

This may sound familiar for those who are aware of Samsung’s move because this is also the same venue where they previously launched their Galaxy Note 9 last year. However, there is no complete assurance that this will be the final venue decided. The company has not made any further comments regarding this.

You may also be aware of the decline towards Samsung’s market confidence following the failure of the supposed release for their Galaxy Fold. This means that Samsung has significant expectations for the Note 10 amidst a turbulent period for the Korean-based company.

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What we do know are prominent features such as its two screen sizes: the 6.8-inch for the Pro model, and a 6.4-inch for its regular-sized counterpart. How the general public will welcome the new addition of Samsung’s phone can wait till August 7.

Sources: CNet

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