Samsung has finally stated that it is postponing the release of the Galaxy Fold just days before it supposed to go on sale. This is after receiving bad reviews and complaints due to issues with the phone’s display.

According to the tech manufacturer, they will run an inspection and internal test to identify the underlying issues and to fully evaluate the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Samsung also added that they would take measures to improve the display of Galaxy Fold as well as its protective layer.

Image: Mark Gurman | Twitter

There are many reasons why the device flopped and “the impact on exposed areas of the hinge” could be one of them. It can be recalled that that company has stated that the main reason why the handset malfunctioned is that the first owners of the device removed the “protective layer” on the screen, which they initially thought was just a pre-applied screen protector.

With this, the company stated that they would include written warnings to consumers to prevent them from removing the layer as it resembles a traditional screen protector.

Image: Mark Gurman | Twitter

Many people are disappointed with this statement, but many also agree that this move is better than releasing the handset.  This is better than the Note 7 incident from a few years back.

Samsung has stated that they are planning to announce a new release date for the Samsung Galaxy Fold soon, so stay tuned for that.

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