Image: Mark Gurman | Twitter

The Samsung Galaxy Fold units were seeded out to the media for reviews last Monday. Since then, several complaints have been reported regarding the device’s inner displays. Samsung has released a statement to address these issues.

According to Samsung, removing the top layer of the Samsung Galaxy Fold could be the reason why the screen got damaged. The company stated that the handset features a protective layer that protects the screen from scratches and removing the layer might cause damage. Samsung has stated that it will ensure that the instruction regarding its layer will be passed to its customers.

Image: Mark Gurman | Twitter

However, despite Samsung’s answer, the reason why the handset got easily damaged was still unclear. There’s no available information if the handsets will be fixed.

It’s not the first time Samsung received several complaints because of their handsets. As we can recall, the company face criticisms when they released the Galaxy Note 7. In fact, the company canceled the production of the said handset due to exploding batteries.

Samsung added that it would investigate the handset and the reports. Hopefully, this issue gets fixed once the Samsung Galaxy Fold goes fully available in the market.

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