Samsung teamed up with Dr Denim for a special pair of jeans with a special pocket for a Galaxy Z Flip 3.

The special jeans have a dedicated pocket on the right side that’s the perfect size to fit the squarish Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.


It looks like Samsung wants you to only carry the clamshell foldable phone as all the other pockets have either been completely removed or sewn shut. In the press release, Samsung expresses that no one needs big pockets since they take up too much space and don’t look stylish.

Launching a fashion product alongside this device kind of makes sense since Samsung is marketing the Z Flip 3 as a stylish smartphone for people who value their lifestyle. Samsung even launched a Bespoke Edition that lets you customize color combinations.


If that’s not weird enough, take a look at the pricing. This one supposedly retails for AUD1,499 (around Php56,300) with a free Galaxy Z Flip 3 128GB. For a perspective, the device itself retails for the same price in Australia, so essentially, it’s the jeans that you’re getting for free.

No word yet if it’s coming to the Philippines. Alternatively, you can get the regular Z Flip 3 instead for a local price of Php52,990 for the 128GB and Php56,990 for the 256GB model.

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