Commuting in Manila is becoming increasingly bad with each day. Wouldn’t it be nice to just download a couple of movies to while away the time being wasted stuck in traffic? Smart Big Bytes 15 now lets you do just that, giving you access to iFlix’s entire library of movies and TV series so you can download up to 2 full length movies, all for just Php15!

Sure, pirated DVDs and torrents exist, but of course, they’re illegal. They can also be a hassle if you want to transfer them to your phone. There’s beauty in the simplicity of simply streaming your favorite videos through services like YouTube or iFlix. What’s more is that iFlix even lets you download the movies and then watch them later when you’re offline! No wires. No piracy. 100% legit for just Php15. If anything, it’s revolutionary!

Smart Big Bytes 15

And if you think the choices on iFlix are limited, you really should give it a run. They have complete seasons for popular series like Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and Will & Grace, not to mention updated seasons for series like Arrow, Flash, and Mr. Robot. It has regional content too, so you can watch many of the most popular Koreanovelas, Anime, and even local movies as well!

To register, all you need to do is dial *121# or text BYTES15 to 9999. For just Php15 a pop, you get 300MB to download up to 2 full length movies from iFlix or stream video from other sites like YouTube. There’s also an additional 40MB to access your favorite social networks. The promo itself is valid up to 2 days from registering.

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