iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

Here’s the contract-free pricing of Smart and Globe for Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The two smartphones will be launched and will be available in the Philippines this coming November 14, 2014.

Despite being a lot pricier on Postpaid plans, Smart’s prepaid kit pricing is surprisingly lower than Globe. The price starts at Php36,700, which will net you a 16GB iPhone 6. For the 6 Plus, the smallest storage can be had for Php42,300 while the 128GB is at approximately Php54k. Check out the price comparisons below.

iPhone 6 16GBPhp36,700Php37,500
iPhone 6 64GBPhp42,300Php43,000
iPhone 6 128GBPhp48,000Php48,500
iPhone 6 Plus 16GBPhp42,300Php43,000
iPhone 6 Plus 64GBPhp48,000Php48,500
iPhone 6 Plus 128GBPhp53,600Php54,000

List of Postpaid Plans

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