Smart has unveiled a new lineup of postpaid subscriptions that focus on mobile data consumption: the Surf Plus Plans.

There’s a lot to love with the Smart Surf Plus Plans. From the Cherry Mobile One to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the postpaid plans come with a smartphone for free (or with a one-time cash payment depending on the chosen monthly fee). Subscribers can choose one freebie package—each suiting a different lifestyle and can be interchanged every month:

  • Chatterbox: access to Facebook Messenger, LINE, Viber or Whatsapp
  • Socially Active: access to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  • Stream-savvy: streaming access to YouTube or SPINNR
  • Street Smart: access to Waze map navigation
  • Work Junkie: access to Gmail and Yahoo! Mail

These freebies have their own allocated data volume, which means they do not immediately contribute to the consumption of the overall monthly data volume allowance for the postpaid plan. Plan 399, the cheapest tier of Surf Plus Plan, grants subscribers 100MB of data allowance, whereas Plan 1999 or the most expensive tier comes with 9GB of data allowance. For the best value in terms of data allowance, subscribers should opt for Plan 999 for 5GB.

Smart Surf Plus Plans summary

Furthermore, all tiers of Surf Plus Plans come with call-and-text bundles. Plans 599 and 799 come with unlimited calls to Smart and TNT subscribers, whereas higher plans have consumable amounts of calls to all networks. In addition, Plans 399, 599 and 799 offer unlimited text messaging to Smart, TNT and SUN, whereas Plans 999, 1499 and 1999 have a pre-set number of free texts to all networks.

All tiers of Surf Plus Plans provide one month of Gadget Shield, which provides a financial protection against accidental damages and thefts. Subscribers may opt to continue benefiting from Gadget Shield after the free 30-day coverage by paying for the monthly pricing.

[Source: Smart]

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