Twitch introduced a new way for viewers to tip streamers.

Viewers can now give additional tips to gamers by acquiring ‘Bits’ – Twitch’s currency. It’s basically emoticons that convert into donations.

By watching 30-second interactive ads, viewers can earn more Bits which they can then use to tip Twitch streamers.

Those who have cash to spare can opt to buy credits instead. Bits are available for purchase starting at $1.40 for 100 Bits, up to $140.


Twitch is currently rolling it out gradually. For now, only those in the US can watch video ads and earn Bits. Sometimes there will be an option to complete a survey instead of watching an ad. Each task is typically given 5 Bits, but Twitch says some may even give up to 100 Bits.

To prevent people from playing with the system, there’s a set daily limit to the number of ads a viewer can watch.

The program is available for every cheering-enabled streamer around the world. Depending on the result of the tests, Twitch plans to extend the reach “to more users in the future.”

Source: Twitch Blog

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