The Paint app is getting overhauled.

Microsoft hasn’t really updated the Paint app for years now. It got minor updates and tweaks but nothing really special. But for the new Paint app for Windows 10, that’s about to change.

Microsoft decided to completely redesign Paint and give it a fresh look. Aside from that, it’s got new functionalities as well. It now supports 3D and content creation can be easily done inside the app. Users will be able to create 3D objects and annotate them as they wish. There’s ton of art tools and markers that can be used on 3D objects as well.

Community integration is also here. It’s basically a feature within the app where the user can insert 3D objects and images made by other people.

The Paint app for Windows 10 is now pen and touch-friendly too, so it will work well with artists and creatives.

Based on the videos above, it seems like it’ll be released to the public very soon.

Source: WalkingCat | Via: MSPowerUser

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