Analysis firm International Data Corporation (IDC) just launched its report showing the top 5 smartphone brands in the Philippines for Q1 2022 based on unit shipments.

IDC reported that the Philippines’ smartphone shipments suffered a year-on-year (YoY) decline of 7.1% and quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) drop of 21.6% for the first quarter of the year. This is apparently due to the supply problems for low-end phones and weak customer spending for mobile devices.

5G phones are gaining steam with a 20% increase in Q1 2022. However, due to supply issues, 4G Android phones dropped by 16.3% YoY.

Now, onto the top 5 brands:


Realme keeps its title for the fifth consecutive quarter. Still on top, the brand accumulates 20.2% of the market share, albeit it was still hit by an 11.6% YoY decline.

New to the Philippines, Transsion managed to take the second spot thanks to TECNO Mobile and Infinix. Both devices launched their first and budget-friendly 5G phones this year, which makes up for the 11% of the total 5G shipments in the country.


Samsung‘s situation improved as it managed to climb to the third spot. It managed to pull a positive 7.6% YoY growth, taking 16.8% of the market. IDC says that Samsung’s ultra low-end (89.3% QoQ) and the Galaxy S22 series’ performance (45% QoQ) should be credited for that.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi returns to the top 5 list by taking the fourth spot as it managed to record a growth of 20.8% YoY. Xiaomi still makes big money from its 4G phones as it amounts to 90% of its shipments.


OPPO managed to take the fifth spot despite suffering a 31.8% YoY decline. IDC said that this is due to tight supplies shortening its low-end shipments. Still, the Reno 7 series accounts to 17.7% of the total 5G shipments.

According to IDC Market analyst Angela Mendez, supply disruptions will still be a big obstacle for brands to meet their 2022 targets, but they expect improvements towards the end of 2022.

Source: IDC

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