The Uber Carshare feature is expanding to North America, a service that allows car owners to rent out their vehicles for money if they need extra cash for bills, or for paying for the car itself.

Started in Australia, Uber Carshare (formerly Car Next Door) will expand in North America starting in Boston and Toronto. The peer-to-peer service allows owners to rent out their cars much easier, simpler, and more secure.


Much like their ride-hailing service, using Carshare is also really easy. In cities where it’s available, a user will only have to download the Uber Carshare app and search for and reserve a vehicle they want to rent. After using the vehicle, the renter will have to drop the vehicle at the same location it was picked up.

For pricing, Uber will provide a pricing suggestion to the owner, who still has the freedom to dictate their own price. The cost of fuel or charging will be included in the final amount.

Car-renting services are already a thing in the Philippines. However, a lot of interested owners are hesitant to rent out their cars due to security reasons. A service like this could help resolve that. No word yet if Uber Carshare will be available in the country.

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