Vivo ramps up mall tours to promote the V7 Plus

vivo V7+ mall tours
Photo: Vivo

Other than the advertisements shown in TV, print, and websites, numerous brands also resort to mall tours to promote their product. Companies like Vivo is very well aware of its effectivity as they start to tour around the country to promote their new product, the Vivo V7+.

The new Vivo V7+ might have already reached a milestone in less than a week after its launch in the country, but the company isn’t stopping there. Vivo had acquired quite an interesting roster of celebrities that aims to boost their product sales moving forward, and you can meet some of them in Vivo’s mall tours around the Philippines.

vivo-v7+ - NoypiGeeks
Vivo V7+

The events happened during the last days of September, right after the V7+ was launched on the 20th. It was also preceded by different events held from October 1 to 3. These mall tours featured Vivo endorsers like TJ Monterde, Sasa Dagdag, Paul Salas, and more.

As per Vivo, the series of mall tours is a four-month celebration, so be on the lookout for the next set of dates.

In case you haven’t checked it out yet, you can watch our video review of the Vivo V7 Plus here.


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