Xiaomi is working on what could only be called the ultimate camera phone.

In July, the company launched the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, a smartphone that boasts a large 1-inch camera sensor and marks its partnership with Leica. Now, it seems both companies are working together to take mobile photography to another level.


The company just unveiled a Xiaomi concept phone. This one is essentially the 12S Ultra. Only this time, it has a secondary 1-inch sensor that is bare and doesn’t come with its own lens. Why? That’s because users can attach a Leica M mount professional lens to it. Without the large lens, the sensor is still protected by sapphire glass.

To accommodate the professional lens, the device has a more advanced camera app that can do focus peaking, zebra lines, and histogram, has 10-bit RA support, and other professional tools photographers would love.


But for it to work, you’d need an adapter, which would make everything bulkier.

We’ve seen tons of phone lens accessories before, but since the light has to pass on the device’s actual lens and the accessory, it resulted in a softer image. This concept from Xiaomi is better since the light goes directly to the sensor.

Besides being an advanced smartphone camera, this solution also makes for a smarter photography experience since it can take advantage of the power and AI capabilities of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor. Plus, 5G connectivity for ultra-fast uploads.

Like many concept phones, it’s not clear if this device will go out on the market, or if a different device — possibly the upcoming Xiaomi 13 Pro that’s expected also to have a 1-inch sensor — will have this technology. Either way, all we can do is wait and see.

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