One of Xiaomi’s popular products is the powerful yet affordable Mi Power Banks. These power banks usually come with high capacity batteries (like the massive 16000mAh power bank) and yet affordable enough to be almost an impulse buy.

Recently, that Xiaomi product family had its new member, the Mi Power 5000mAh. While not the highest capacity (they even have a 5200mAh power bank), it comes in light (156g), thin (9.9mm), and elegant-looking shell. The case itself is an aluminum unibody made by Texas Instruments while the battery itself is made by ATL.

What’s really eye-catching, though, is the price. It’s being sold in China for CHY 49, which is roughly PHP 360! At that price, I don’t even care if I need one, I’ll just snag one up in case I’ll need it in the future. Too bad that there’s no word on when it’ll be available in other territories, or it will be available at all. But here’s hoping it will be.

[Source: GSM Arena]

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