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Xiaomi introduces ‘RAMDISK’ feature to improve mobile gaming performance


In a bid to make gaming a faster experience than they are, Xiaomi is experimenting on a feature tentatively called “RAMDISK” (or RAM Drive) that lets RAM become as the temporary storage area for games.

Still in the works, the feature is said to cut the installation time for games as well as their loading times by a significant percentage, if used. 

Currently, Xiaomi is testing the feature on its 10th anniversary, China-exclusive product, the Mi 10 Ultra — a smartphone that packs a whopping 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM and Snapdragon 865. 

The idea behind the RAMDISK is not necessarily new, not even on mobile, which makes use of RAM’s fast, yet volatile, processing space by which the game’s resources is handled and fetched. 


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However, as the early years of mobile devices have been a case of tiny machines with much constraints in the memory department, the concept of RAM drives were not as feasible as they are today. 

Despite its pros, the Xiaomi’s RAMDISK feature does come with its own drawback. As the temporary storage space is meant to be fickle, any data stored in it is lost whenever the device reboots. Meaning, those who will use this feature will see themselves needing to reinstall their game in the RAM per every restart of their device. For huge games like PUBG Mobile, it’s a lot of work.

But, then again, the same feature could also see practical usage, particularly in the competitive arena where processing speed could play pivotal role between victory and defeat.

Source: SCMP


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