Much like other Android OEMs, Xiaomi displays ads in select parts of the MIUI interface to make extra cash, which then helps them lower their devices’ price tag.

Xiaomi puts ads on select areas of MIUI and even on a few select apps like the Mi Browser and Mi Video. But as everyone knows — even though these advertisements are placed strategically to be less distracting — ads can still be really annoying.

Actually, this annoying content can be disabled. Albeit, not a lot of people have an idea of how to do it, despite Xiaomi making the option easier on MIUI 13.


Thankfully, a new report suggests that Xiaomi plans on removing ads completely in the upcoming MIUI 14 update.

As per the report, this decision might be due to Xiaomi wanting to make their smartphones appealing to people who are thinking of getting their smartphones.

The upcoming MIUI update will also highlight the removal of pre-installed apps and bloatware.

Xiaomi is also updating some of its key utility apps like the weather, clock, and calendar. There’s also going to be a new folder mode to make smartphone and desktop interactions much simpler.

Official details regarding the update shall be out soon.

Via: GizChina

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