Xiaomi has unveiled a new addition to its smart TV lineup, the third-generation Mi TV. Not content with one product launch alone, the Chinese electronics company has also launched the Ninebot mini self-balancing scooter.

The Xiaomi Mi TV 3 offers a lot of specs for fans to love. It’s a 60-inch television with a 4K (3,840 by 2,160 pixels) LG panel, full aluminum frame and a world-class independent sound system. At its thinnest point, the Mi TV 3 measures only 11.6mm. For comparison, the earlier iteration Mi TV 2S is only a 48-inch television with Full HD resolution.

The official price of the Xiaomi Mi TV 3 is CNY4,999 (approx. Php36,500). A major selling point for this product is its being composed of two separated parts—the display and the motherboard. Prospective owners can upgrade its parts separately and make sure their Mi TV 3 remains updated with modern specs.

But enough about the smart TV; take a gander at this self-balancing scooter, the Ninebot mini:

Xiaomi Ninebot mini (1)

If the images above somehow remind you of the Segway, that’s because the Ninebot mini is essentially a Segway. You see, the Chinese company Ninebot acquired the Segway company in April. And since Xiaomi is major shareholder of Ninebot, the former can do whatever it pleases with the latter. So here we are with a self-balancing scooter as the first product launch since Segway got acquired.

The Ninebot mini delivers speeds of up to 16km/h, reaches 22km on a single battery charge and is made of magnesium alloy materials. It can be controlled via a smartphone. Its official price is CNY1,999 (approx. Php14,650).

[Source: Xiaomi]

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