Apple rumored to increase charging speed on iPhone 13


At long last, it looks like Apple is finally considering upgrading the charging speeds of the iPhone.

This is years after most Android phones already achieved charging speeds way faster on iPhones. In fact, we can already see devices breaking the 100W barrier.

But being Apple, they’ll do things slowly but surely, as the company has been rumored to include 25W fast charging technology on the upcoming iPhone 13 series.

This also means that Apple will introduce a new 25W power adapter, which may or may not come in the box like what happened on the iPhone 12 series.

Speaking of which, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro models only supports 20W charging. This makes the jump to 25W nothing too impressive, but we’ll take any upgrade we can take.

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Apparently, the higher charging speed will be made to offset the iPhone 13’s higher battery capacity. This means that charging times may be similar, but at least the battery life will be longer.

A 25W charger may not be as impressive as other Android phones, but it will be on par with what Samsung offers.

Via: PhoneArena

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