Apple has unveiled its official MagSafe Battery Pack for the iPhone 12 series.

The MagSafe Battery Pack snaps safely to the back of iPhone 12 phones and keeps attached by means of embedded magnets. Once attached, the battery pack automatically starts wirelessly charging the phone.

All iPhone 12 variants are compatible with the MagSafe Battery Pack.

It seems the MagSafe Battery Pack is only capable of 5W wireless charging, and it also requires the yet-to-be-released iOS 14.7. However, when plugged into a Lightning cable, the battery pack acts like a regular wireless charger and outputs up to 15W of power.


If used in tandem with a power adapter higher than 20W, both the iPhone and the attached MagSafe Battery Pack can be fully charged faster.

The MagSafe Battery Pack is officially listed in the US version of Apple’s online store for $99 (approx. Php4,960). It’s currently absent in the Philippine online storefront, but there are other MagSafe accessories available.

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