The biggest new feature of the iPhone 12 series is the MagSafe technology.

As you know, the new iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max now has circular magnets beneath the back panel. This enables a ton of accessories that you can easily slap on the back of the device — from wireless chargers, sleeves, and even leather sleeves.


All these accessories are now posted on the Apple Philippines website. You can check them out below. They should be available right in time for Christmas.

MagSafe Charger


The new MagSafe Charger is like a wireless-charging puck. But unlike your regular wireless charger, this one attaches easily at the back of your brand new iPhone 12 thanks to magnets. It has an official price of Php2,490.

Magsafe Duo Charger


Remember the AirPower? The overachieving Apple wireless charger that failed before it can take off? Well, here’s the closes thing we can get to that.

The MagSafe Duo can charge an iPhone 12 and an Apple Watch at the same time. It also works with the latest AirPods with wireless charger and other Qi-certified gadgets.

It has a price of Php7,990. It already comes with a 1m USB-C to Lightning cable, but no wall adapter.

iPhone 12 Leather Wallet with MagSafe


One of the coolest implementations of MagSafe technology used for accessories is this leather wallet from Apple. It’s ultra-thin to fit your cards — no coins — and some bills. It also has the right size to fit devices as small as the iPhone 12 mini up to the Pro Max.

The iPhone 12 leather case comes in Saddle Brown, Black, California Poppy, and Baltic Blue. It has an official retail price of Php3,590.

iPhone 12 clear case with MagSafe


Since it uses magnets, there’s a chance that MagSafe will not work if you have a thick case. To ensure that it does, you can get the Clear Case with MagSafe that’s available for all iPhone 12 models.

Sold by Apple themselves, it’s available for Php2,990.

iPhone 12 Silicone Case with MagSafe


If you want a case that looks better, you can get the Silicone Case that’s available for all four iPhone 12 models.

The ugly MagSafe magnets are hidden, and it comes in tons of funky colors: Plum, Kumquat, Deep Navy, Pink Citrus, Cyprus Green, White, Black, and Product Red. Available for the same price of Php2,990.

iPhone 12 Leather Case with MagSafe


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If you want a fancier case to go with the leather wallet, you can get the special Leather Case with MagSafe. It’s available in five colors: Saddle Brown, Baltic Blue, California Poppy, Black, and Product Red. It has an official price of Php2,990 in the Philippines.

iPhone 12 Leather Sleeve with MagSafe


This is basically the leather case and wallet merged into one. This thing can protect your phone entirely and even comes with pockets for your cards and ID. Of course, there’s the MagSafe technology onboard. There’s a tiny slit on the front to show the time.

You can get it in Pink Citrus, Baltic Blue, Saddle Brown, and Product Red fora price of Php7,990.

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