The US-China trade wars have put Huawei in a terrible position, dragging its sub-brand Honor with it.

To let it flourish on its own and be not dragged further, Huawei had no choice but to sell Honor to a Chinese consortium. This set Honor free, giving them the freedom to work as they did before.

And it appears that it was a smart move as a report from a renowned Russian newspaper named Kommersant says that Honor is now working on a new line of smartphones with Google Mobile Services (GMS).

Going out of Huawei’s umbrella means that current Honor phones are still stuck with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) and AppGallery. However, the devices that will be developed after the split will have limited access to HMS, and obviously, will now support GMS.

Over the past one and a half year, Honor has been releasing devices with no GMS, which have massively hurt its sales in Europe and Russia that Kommesant reveals as the countries’ second-biggest smartphone company in 2020, right next to Samsung.

Albeit, don’t expect Honor phones coming out in the next couple of months to have GMS. The Honor V40 series, and possibly a couple of others, were developed when Honor was still part of Huawei. With that, expect them to run on Magic UI without GMS support.

Rumor has it that GMS support will come back on the Honor X11 and Honor 40 series. Albeit, there’s a chance that Honor might revamp its branding and may even introduce a brand new interface that will replace Magic UI and EMUI.

Source: Kommersant

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