HTC’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 smartphone gets leaked to the web. The handset is set to be officially unveiled on September 19 through a media event of HTC but twitter user “FootballPDA” spills out its image and specifications. Don’t get too excited though as this will not reveal all of its features. Lets get to the details below.


According to the image, the device is named as “Windows Phone 8 HTC 8X” but I think that looks odd if it will be called that way. The HTC 8X will be powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and it will be loaded with a 16GB of built-in storage. All that goes with a 4.3-inch 720p high-definition display for a stellar performance.

What’s surprising here is that the front-facing camera because it is reportedly equipped with an “ultra-wide angle” lens which will enhance the video calls. Well, that not really the surprising part. It is its ability to capture a 1080p video recording which can be considered superior. The main camera is said to carry a 8 megapixel lens with auto focus and LED flash.


As always, the Beats Audio Technology will be embedded here just like other HTC android phones. Other features include NFC connectivity and a microSD card slot.

This device’s internals somehow resembles the Nokia Lumia 820 at some point  because it has the same 4.3-inch screen, RAM, and main camera. Obviously, with only 1.2GHz of power, this won’t be the fastest Windows Phone 8 smartphone. But who knows, HTC might pull of a little extra here.

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