As a result of the early success of the Nexus 7, HTC is now reportedly looking to build a tablet PC for their brand in cooperation with Pegatron. It is pretty obvious in recent news that HTC is needing various ways in coping up in the android competition mainly because of their high-end pricing level in their smartphones. Yeah, that’s the cost of being “exclusive”.


A small flashback from the android operating system history. HTC was one of the early adopters of the said mobile OS in their smartphones and interestingly, they already did made two tablets before. Their very first tablet was a 7-inch tablet called as the HTC Flyer and the second one was a 10.1-inch HTC Jetstream. However, both of them didn’t receive much attention from the public.

HTC was also offered the privilege to build the Nexus 7 tablet in cooperation with Google but they shove it off as they were not interested in making a $199 and $249 tablet. Thus, the Asus-Google tie-up was born. Also, they didn’t buy the idea of producing a Microsoft for Windows RT tablets.

As reported by Digitimes, the growing popularity of Asus through the help of the Nexus 7 helped HTC to reassess their thought on going to the tablet market once more. Apparently, they should also continue the idea lowering their prices too if they want to get more sales against other android phone manufacturers.

Rumors say that if the project will pursue, HTC will be partnering with Pegatron Technology – a Taiwanese company. It is also unknown if it will be a 7-inch or a 10-inch tablet.

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