iPhone 8 design leak

We’re still a few months away from the official announcement of the iPhone 8. However, the rumors about the upcoming device has been circling around non-stop. 

The iPhone 8 leaked once again, and this time, with an image of a tangible subject.

BGR released a picture last week on what appears to be a mockup of the upcoming iPhone 8. And just last Monday, they have found yet another image of the phone from a Chinese site called Weibo. Both of the photos found on BGR and Weibo shares the same-looking image of what could be Apple’s next smartphone.

By examining the photos, we can see that the front of the device is completely seamless. This might confirm some of the rumors saying that Apple will remove the home button to its next iPhone.

Rumors also suggest that the fingerprint scanner will be embedded in the display. However, we have heard reports that Apple is having a hard time making that technology work. But if they can pull it off, it could possibly one of the signature features of the upcoming iPhone.

Both the left and right sides of the device still has the same control buttons. Nothing too exciting.

The bottom still looks the same. However, this debunks the rumors that the next iPhone will have wireless charging in lieu of the lightning port. However, we’re still hoping that it will finally feature wireless charging capability despite the presence of their proprietary port. The image also confirms that the headphone jack is not coming back.

At the back we see one of the most noticeable change. Unlike the iPhone 7 Plus, or any other dual-camera smartphones, the iPhone 8 has the two cameras at the back arranged vertically. This orientation looks similar to Samsung’s rumored Galaxy C10.

As you can see at the photo below, the camera bump at the back is really noticeable. The handset is said to have an optical zoom camera just like its predecessor, or other exciting features like Augmented Reality (AR). But whatever is the case, we hope that the camera bump won’t make it to the official version.

Also, it looks like the back panel is now made of glass instead of metal. The glass is slightly curved at the corners which melts to the metal frame. Rumor has it that the upcoming flagship will have 2.5D glass sandwiching the device from front and back.

Despite all these, these pictures can not confirm one of the most rumored subjects about the upcoming Apple smartphone. What we’re talking about is the device’s actual name. While it is fact that the number 8 is next to 7, some people are saying that Apple will base its name to the iPhone’s tenth anniversary.

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Since celebrating a tenth anniversary is sort of a milestone, we can expect Apple to come up with a fancy name for the next iPhone. Some people said that it could be called the ‘iPhone X”, the roman numeral equivalent of “10”. On the other hand, people are suggesting that it can be called the ‘iPhone Edition”, which will affiliate it with their high-end smartwatches, the Apple Watch Edition.

Apple is said to unveil the next iPhone in September. And since that is still months away from now, we can still expect these leaks to become more accurate as the most-awaited day comes near.

Source: BGR

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