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Like what we have said a million times, 2017 is the year of dual cameras. Almost every smartphone manufacturer, from the Cupertino-based Apple, up to the Chinese, and even the local brands here in the Philippines, released a smartphone with two cameras in either front and back. Heck, we’ve even seen someone release a smartphone that’s equipped with four cameras.

But haven’t you all noticed that Samsung has been quiet amidst of all the dual camera noise? Being a big name in the industry, we’re kind of expecting them to be in the forefront of this camera revolution.

A lot of people expected that it will finally arrive in their flagship Galaxy S8 and S8+, but they were disappointed to know that not only it that didn’t have two cameras at the back but the company also used the same sensor from its predecessor.

Nevertheless, it looks like the time has come. If this leaked device is actually in the works, then we can probably expect Samsung to release their first dual-camera smartphone soon.

Dubbed as the Samsung Galaxy C10, the leaked image shows that it has indeed two cameras at the back. Judging by the branding, Samsung might have intentionally skipped the dual-camera feature to the Galaxy S8 so that they can create an entirely new line-up. It is also possible that they just run out of time sandwiching another camera to the already complex engineering design of the S8.

The photo above was posted on Weibo, a popular Chinese social network. But other than the image above, there’s currently no information about the handset. No spec sheet, nothing.

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But if we break down the hardware shown in the leaked product image, it has indeed two cameras at the back that is housed in a single rounded metal plate on a vertical arrangement. It also looks a little protruded. There’s also what appears to be a dual-tone LED flash, that is being placed between the two cameras in the middle – a placement that we haven’t seen before.

Other than the cameras, the image also shows that the rumored Galaxy C10 will have a pink (commonly known as Rose Gold) variant. There’s a lock/power switch at the upper left side, quite possibly some antenna bands at the top, with a single line bridge that connects it to the camera region.

And despite the leak showing only half of the handset, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy C10 looks a bit tall; judging by this height, it looks like that this device will have a 6-inch screen.

But that’s what we all know so far. We just have to wait for further leaks or the confirmation from the Korean Electronics giant. For now, this is all we have regarding the first ever dual camera smartphone from Samsung.

Source: Android Headlines

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