Nexus 5 leak

Why stop on one rumor when there’s another one just as juicy? Now, there’s been a lot of rumors regarding the Nexus 5’s capabilities, the most awesome of which is the Lytro-like capabilities of the camera. 

It’s also a given that it’ll come with Android KitKat (formerly named Key Lime Pie) as confirmed in a leak last month. However, this is the first time a hands-on has been leaked. The phone seems to be running a French version of the new Android.

The video shows the phone being used, such as for browsing via Chrome, Google Earth, YouTube watching, etc. The info about the OS is shown as well, and this is where everything went downhill for some.

The leak shows it using Key Lime Pie as the OS, which is odd considering that the name’s already changed to KitKat quite a while ago. Also, it’s odd for Google to use the name instead of the build number like the way they did before. But then, this might be a very early build of the prototype, as can be speculated given the fact that it’s using an outdated version of YouTube.

Also interesting is that the hardware seems to be a 16GB version, which seems to lend credence to the rumors that, as opposed to the previous versions, Nexus 5 will come with a 16GB and 32GB version.

The video is over 7 minutes long. Watch the video and tell us what you think about the leak on the comments :-) You think this is legit, or isn’t it worth its grain of salt?

[Source: YouTube]

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